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Every year laughter and learning come together for thousands of students as Mark Howell presents his educational programs.

More than a magician, Mark is an Educational Entertainer.  He has "a gift for speaking to children and adults" as he brings together "the perfect balance of awesome magic tricks combined with a gentle storyteller's approach to the important message".

Offering Three educational assembly programs to choose from:

Inspector Iwannano Character Education - Using a mystery to teach about respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, citizenship and trustworthiness makes learning about character a lot of fun.

Pump Up Your Mind Reading Encouragement - Motivates younger students to read so they can pump up their mind using the books found on the shelves at school.  They also learn about how to care for books and why reading is so important.

No Bullies Allowed - the students learn the value of respecting others for whom they are, stressing the fact that we are all special inside. The program also gives some strategies for dealing with bullies, including the fact that it’s okay to approach teachers and adults for help.

Each program is an interactive adventure for the children as Mark and the students work together to reach the goal of learning.  Each program is a story in itself where Mark plays the part of the lead character as the children and teachers participate to achieve the learning objective.

Using a combination of music, magic, ventriloquism, storytelling and audience participation Mark will have your students and staff laughing and learning important life lessons about character, drug avoidance, bullying and reading.  Using a variety of performing arts ensures that the lessons are learned and the message sticks in minds of the students.

When it comes time to choose someone for your educational program you want someone who is knowledgeable, skilled and entertaining - Mark is that person.

"I really liked the fact that the program entertained the students but also had a very strong educational message.  Our kids were excited and I heard students using the "too smart to start" phrase later in the day."
Mrs. Welzbacher, Dean of Students
William Holliday School

"Mark had a great rapport with the students...He involved the students, kept their attention, and never let the message and the seriousness be lost."

"It was both educational and entertaining!  Thanks!"

"If someone wanted to use you for a presentation, I would say you have a gift for speaking to children and adults!  Your presentation was excellent in reaching young minds and educating about substance use."

"I would highly recommend him.  He was professional, courteous, and really seemed to enjoy what he was doing.  He was very tuned in to the kids."

When you are considering who to get for your next educational assembly give Mark a call.  Your students will have a great time while learning and your staff will appreciate the quality program.

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Mark Howell
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